Nuotama Bodomo

Afronauts, 2014

Short Film, 14’

Afronauts is a short film set in 1969 that portrays the Zambia Space Academy’s attempt to beat the USA to the moon with the help of young female astronaut-in-training Matha Mwamba. Inspired by true events, Bodomo’s film hovers on the cusp between fact and fiction and contemplates the possibility and consequence of a person of African origin being launched into space at a time when the independence movement was sweeping across the continent. The film can be seen as a meditation on man’s fascination with space and the desire to conquer it, even when it is at the expense of human life. In a wider sense, it can also be seen as a comment on the power of the camera, and the way that film has been used as a tool of colonialism and a vehicle of oppression.

Written & Directed by Nuotama Bodomo
Starring Diandra Forrest and Yolonda Ross

Courtesy of the Artist