After Scarcity

Bahar Noorizadeh

After Scarcity , 2018

Video, 31’

The full version of After Scarcity will be available to view from 30th Sept to 30th Oct 2020 and 20th Dec 2020 to 17th Jan 2021. For the period between 31st Oct to 19th Dec a trailer will be available.

In this sci-fi video-essay, Bahar Noorizadeh explores efforts made by Soviet cyberneticians from the 1950s to the 1980s, as they attempt to build a fully automated planned economy, where production and prices are determined centrally by the government. A disorientating visual journey unfolds through scenes of Russian architecture scanned using LiDAR, a method that uses lasers to map the surface of objects and the distances between them. These are interspersed with text and spoken narrative that discusses the social history of Soviet cybernetics. If history at its best is a blueprint for science fiction, revisiting histories of economic technology might enable access to the future. This moment in history is presented in a utopian guise, in turn speculating on future techno-cultural utopias.

Courtesy of the Artist