Aljana Moons

Alexis Peskine

Aljana Moons, 2015

Video, 3'28"

Filmed against the backdrop of contemporary Senegal, Aljana Moons is a thought-provoking exploration of black masculinity and fatherhood, and man’s evolution from childhood to adulthood. Offering a glimpse into the lives of a number of male characters, the viewer follows them as they go about their daily actions: working, praying, and taking part in community activities. Straddling the worlds of documentary and science fiction, some of the characters wear space suits made of discarded garbage, through which they are able to take on a new identity aligned with the iconic male representation of the astronaut, and place themselves within an alternative reality. In the context of the idea of Afrofuturism, these men and boys are perhaps imagining a new reality in order to escape their own.

Courtesy of the Artist