Oliver Laric

Betweenness, 2018

Video, 4'48"

Betweenness is a video montage based on earlier works by the artist, that investigates the concept of fluid transformation within images and forms, via animated line drawings of humans and creatures from the natural world. Renderings gain intricacy, although perhaps not accuracy, as the drawing skills of the invisible creator seemingly improve; a collection of triangular forms develops into a dinosaur, the leaping deer is made more precise and naturalistic. Lines move, animals evolve, and mushrooms grow. An atmospheric instrumental soundtrack created in collaboration with composer Ville Haimala of Amnesia Scanner  carries the visual renderings as they morph. This is a world where only the organic exists, or at the very least, is of concern, and moments of movement or action are extracted from context and time. In turn, it may inspire the viewer to consider their own position, and the part we each play in the intricate web of the natural world, as we move towards the future.

Courtesy of the Artist and Tanya Leighton, Berlin