Café Guguță

Catalina Bucos

Café Guguță, 2019

Video Animation, 4’50’’

Cafe Guguţă is a socialist modernist building constructed in Chișinău, Moldova in the 1960s. Over the last decade, it has become a well-known subject of civic activism and protest, in a long battle over its privatization and demolition. In its place, business elites planned to construct a hotel complex that would have neglected the historic relevance of this monument and decimated the surrounding public park. Many militants have joined the campaign over the years, one of the most visible groups being Occupy Guguţă – a grassroots movement dealing with the political and civic situation in Moldova. As a result, it has become a symbol of permanent protest, and part of a larger rebellion against the current political situation in Moldova. This animation serves as a digital memory of the building that, if it were to be physically demolished, will resist over time.

Courtesy of the Artist, Caterina Pislari, William Reinecke and Vladimir Us