Clothed With The Sun

Panos Tsagaris

Clothed With The Sun, 2016

Video, 9'50"

Clothed with the Sun is a mesmerizing video work by Panos Tsagaris, created by filming 24-carat gold dust as it gently floats through the air with an organic, undulating pace and rhythm, where time seems to flow naturally and without haste. For the artist, each golden particle symbolizes the divine spark that exists in the core of each one of us. Even though we may often feel like we roam aimlessly on our own through life, it is Tsagaris’ assertion that we are in fact part of this cosmic ocean of light, and thus are never truly alone. By recognising this innate interconnectedness between all beings, perhaps we can then truly appreciate our shared humanity. The alchemic qualities of gold are historically well-known to artists, who have often used it in relation to ideas of power and the world’s economies.

Courtesy of the Artist and Kalfayan Galleries, Athens-Thessaloniki