Destructed Captions

Karén Mirzoyan

Destructed Captions, 2020-Ongoing

Photographic Series

This new project by photojournalist and artist Karén Mirzoyan explores the destruction caused by war in different realms of our lives. It references the fragmentation of information in the media during a conflict, the psychological impact that war has on our shattered selves, the profound scars it leaves behind in our emotional sphere and collective consciousness, as well as the physical destruction of the buildings and sites in which it takes place. All images are taken in Stepanakert (Artsakh/Nagorno, Karabakh Republic). Mirzoyan, who is presently on the frontline, portrays Artsakh as he is seeing it during this difficult period. The images (Fujifilm instant film) are cut and reassembled so as to show the destruction he is currently witnessing through the lens of his own perspective and interpretation. His viewpoint is also expressed in the accompanying, equally fragmented, texts. “I wrote the captions before cutting the images [says Mirzoyan]. It is hard to understand what I wrote, unless you focus on both images forming the diptychs,” proving that in wartimes it is evidently hard to articulate a clear and singular narrative. This body of work is authored by Mirzoyan and Torpedo Art Group, a Yerevan-based collective that is making new projects with the subject "Art during the War & War during the Art.”

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