Evan Ifekoya and Hannah Catherine Jones

Evan Ifekoya (b. 1988, Iperu, Nigeria) lives and works in London, UK. They have presented exhibitions and performances across Europe and internationally, including most recently: Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool, UK (2021); Gus Fisher, Auckland, New Zealand (2020); De Appel, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2019); and Gasworks, London, UK (2018).

Ifekoya works with sound, text, video and performance through which they place demands on existing systems and institutions of power, to recentre and prioritise the experience and voice of those previously marginalised. Through archival and sonic investigations, they speculate on blackness in abundance; the body of the ocean a watery embodied presence in the work. They established the collectively run and QTIBPOC (queer, trans*, intersex, black and people of colour) led Black Obsidian Sound System (B.O.S.S.) in 2018. 

Hannah Catherine Jones (aka Foxy Moron, b. 1987, Doncaster, England) is a London-based artist, scholar, multi-instrumentalist, radio presenter and DJ (BBC Radio 3 - Late Junction; NTS - The Opera Show), composer, conductor and founder of Peckham Chamber Orchestra – a community project established in 2013.  Jones is currently an AHRC DPhil scholar at Oxford University.

Healing Exercises for Limitless Potential (H.E.L.P) is a collaboration between Evan Ifekoya and Hannah Catherine Jones