Sonia Balassanian

HAGHPAT 2, 1999

Video, 12’20’’

Warning: This artwork contains images of an adult nature – viewer discretion is advised

HAGHPAT 2 observes a naked man and a woman as they crawl in and out of clay wine urns that have been buried in the floor of the medieval monastery of Haghpat, a village in northern Armenia. As they crawl across the floor, they appear to seek, yet never manage to reach one another, and it seems as if their unending quest for touch will never culminate. The viewer is left with the impression that perhaps the pleasure of the quest is more significant than that of reaching the end. The performers seem to relish the choreographed movements as much, if not more, than the union itself. As they plunge in and out of the dark urns, it is as if they are being reborn again and again.

Courtesy of the Artist

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