Intergalactic War : Invaders

Karén Mirzoyan

Intergalactic War : Invaders, 2012-Ongoing

Photographic Series

With a background in documentary photojournalism, Karén Mirzoyan has always had a particular interest in war subjects: the immediacy, rawness, and the way in which moments of great tension reveal the sincerity of human nature. In Intergalactic War: Invaders the artist combines photography and drawing to create futuristic ‘war photography’, a humorous reinterpretation of landscapes as seen through the hotel windows of his travels. Mirzoyan’s deliberately infantile style makes reference to Soviet science-fiction imagery and personal symbols from his youth. For the artist, the flying saucer represents the fascination of the unknown, while the knife conveys man’s tendency towards primitive acts of self-defence. Mirzoyan imagines these works as a historic photo story, stating: “If one day there is an intergalactic war, then I would have been the first to photograph it.”

Courtesy of the Artist

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