Kempinski, 2007

Neïl Beloufa

Kempinski, 2007, 2013

Video, 13'58"

Filmed in a suburb of Bamako, the capital of Mali, Kempinski 2007 is a science-fiction documentary that seeks to blur the lines between fact and fiction, present and future. Featuring unscripted interviews with local inhabitants, the figures of whom emerge from the darkness of the rural landscape and are starkly illuminated by interrogatory neon light. Looking unflinchingly towards the camera, they each share their visions and hopes for a potential utopian, futurist world, where man, animal, and machine live side by side in harmony. Describing these futures with present tense verbs, time is no longer linear. The present/future imagined here is a place where humans move easily through light and sound at an unusual pace, and in turn, raises questions of the nature of citizenship and belonging.

Courtesy of the Artist