Metaverse: We are at the end of something


Metaverse: We are at the end of something, 2020

Website, Interactive 3D Assets

Metaverse: We are at the end of something is an online gamified experience incorporating a CGI film, interactive 3D assets, and an augmented reality filter. In collaboration with Ryan Vautier and Sakeema Crook, Keiken have built a new world inside a gaming engine. This speculative world is a meta-concept of disparate events, human emotion, and ideology in a post COVID-19 world: covering themes such as social distancing, growing wealth inequality, exacerbated divisions in ideology, and a battle of differing visions of a hierarchical utopia. By creating a new space and time that feels like it’s in the future, this subversion allows the viewer to reflect on the contemporary as though the now is history, with a bird’s-eye view perspective that pulls the viewer out of the contemporary bubble to contemplate the network of multiple issues and topics. Through multiple characters, Keiken explore the architecture of the body and the current technological race to colonise our internal land – the mind and body.

Courtesy of the Artists

Commissioned by YBAF for Yerevan Biennial 2020/2021