Public Service Announcement

Athi-Patra Ruga

Public Service Announcement, 2014

Video, 15'5"

Public Service Announcement introduces the viewer to the political structure and history of the fictional republic of Azania. Divided into three ‘acts’, the film begins with a monologue by an unidentified narrator and seemingly omnipotent presence. As the Azanian myth unfolds against a visual backdrop of neon and black, the genealogy of its protagonists becomes increasingly complex and the viewer is left with the sense that this matriarchal government is an autocratic state. The rebirth and catharsis represented by the growing procession of human and animal figures in the third act suggest that we have witnessed a revolution and the birth of a new era. Building on previous work, the artist uses this incarnation of Azania as a satirical lens through which to critique the flawed, convoluted political and symbolic rhetoric used in nation-building and the legitimization of ruling elites.

Courtesy of the Artist and WHATIFTHEWORLD