Re-enacting the Future

Chloé Galibert-Laîné

Re-enacting the Future, 2019

Desktop Film, 9’45’’

Created in collaboration with Kevin B. Lee, Re-enacting the Future is a video essay that pieces together a montage of historical re-enactments from early cinema through to recent years, many of which touch on nationalist themes. It examines the subjective nature of the memory and portrayal of historical events, the fine line between documentation and propaganda, as well as the wider question of re-enactments as entertainment. References to social media sites and information banners mimicking present-day TV news channels allude to the nature of today’s fast-paced contemporary media cycle, and speaks to an overarching theme raised by The Time Complex; the seeming lack of time available to us in which to process and reflect on contemporary events as they unfold before our eyes in ‘real’ time.

Courtesy of the Artist and Kevin B. Lee