Reality in Change

Reality in Change

Reality is a most elusive concept. The reality, which is about to change or has only just changed, is even harder to decipher. So how can we approach it? How can we capture, archive or document change through the lens of art?

The five Armenian artists included in this exhibition, have personally witnessed the process of sociopolitical change known as the ‘Armenian Velvet Revolution’ (2018). Through their work they portray their personal experiences of the wavering reality that followed this bloodless revolution. The exhibition brings together their viewpoints. Like tesserae in a mosaic, these perspectives are now part of a collective experience that has ultimately reshaped the identity and image of the whole country.

Ella Kanegarian Göktas is an essayist, art critic and curator from Yerevan. Her exhibitions are often political in nature and mostly support emerging artists. By means of her projects she principally investigates themes associated with the past, nostalgia, and memory. 

With works by Karen Mirzoyan, Gayane Yerkanyan, Davit Kochunts, Samvel Saghatelian and Sedrak Velikodniy

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