Angelo Plessas

Talismania, 2016

Video, 5'17"

Talismania considers the concept of talismans, or good luck charms, and the act of attaching meaning or symbolism to inanimate objects which have been studied by artists throughout history. An unseen narrator takes the viewer through given descriptions and definitions of talismans, in particular the energetic aura that surrounds them, which is said to attract magic to the individual that possesses them. Through these digital representations, spirituality and energy exist in digital embodiments. In this piece, and in his wider practice, Plessas gives shape and form to the spiritual side of technology, and celebrates the possibilities and potential of the digital space. In this way, his work facilitates the co-existence of the technological and natural world that offers a new kind of networked spirituality, and seeks to creates alternative lifestyle communities, such as queer techno hippies. This in turn opens up a dialogue around queerness and identity, which is a central theme in his work.

Courtesy of the Artist and The Breeder, Athens