Time-famine erodes everything it touches

Ryan Gander

Time-famine erodes everything it touches, 2020

Video, 2’59’’

As the title suggests, Time-famine erodes everything it touches is a meditation on the nature of time, and our constant struggle with the realities of being time-poor, a position we so often find ourselves in today’s world. Through the removal or obscuring of the hands of the watch, those small yet powerful objects that persistently mark time as it passes us by, offers us a moment of pause. Here, we are seemingly outside of time itself, or even beyond the concept of time completely. Time stands still, and perhaps when seen in the context of the current day, alludes to the collective ‘pause’ we have experienced during the recent pandemic. The work is also a metaphor that reminds us of a specific quality of art: its ability to create time hiatuses or suspensions.

© Ryan Gander. Courtesy of the Artist