TimeTraveller™ Episode 06


TimeTraveller™ Episode 06, 2012

Machinima, 11'02"

Skawennati is a Mohawk multimedia artist whose work explores subjects related to history, future and change from an Indigenous perspective. The nine TimeTraveller™ episodes presented here (released one at the time as if they were part of a TV series) were shot in the online virtual world of Second Life. Following Skawennati's first major online project CyberPowWow (1997-2004) – her first attempt to decolonise the web by means of an independent Indigenous platform operating in cyberspace with ramifications in art galleries and museums – these films revisit topical events in Indigenous history such as the Dakota War of 1862, a conflict between Dakota Sioux Native Americans and the United States, which led to the largest mass execution in American history, known as the Minnesota Massacre. Through this work, mimicking and infiltrating computer-gaming aesthetics and engagement strategies, we are reminded that history is always subjective and each narrative offers multiple readings and interpretations.

©Skawennati. Courtesy of the Artist