Anton Ginzburg

Turo, 2016

Video, 35’

Turo, which translates as Tower, explores the subject of post-Soviet geography and constructivist architecture. Divided into four chapters, each examines and explores different constructivist buildings, all of which are renowned landmarks of Soviet modernism, including Moscow’s Melnikov House and Narkomfin Building, and presents them as a stage for past utopias. In the second chapter, through the style of a video game, the viewer is transported to the ruins of the ghost town of Pripyat – a Soviet town affected by the Chernobyl disaster – and discovers the unrealised Tatlin’s Tower, which like so many constructive designs, was never built. Here the atemporal is positioned alongside the temporal, and past dreams coincide with current consumer culture.

© Anton Ginzburg. Courtesy of the Artist