Variations on a Map

Benji Boyadgian

Variations on a Map, 2016 - Ongoing

Mixed Media, Video, 2'30"

Variations on a Map is an anthology of maps of localities including Palestine, Israel, the West Bank, Biblical Kingdoms, a Roman province, and a British Colony. The same place, the artist suggests, is represented as many different places; some past, some present, some speculative, and some that never were and never will be. A map of a country illustrates the outline of a territory, and often pertains to historical and political claims as well as to its borders and neighbours. These maps are collected from the internet, and their degree of factuality and fictionality vary accordingly. Subsequently copied by Boyadgian into miniature watercolours, their information is diluted; they are stripped of their context and reduced to their graphical value. They come together in the same temporality, that of the imaginary. The maps can be categorized into different series, composed of different variations, and in association they create sets of contradictions and repetitions.

Courtesy of the Artist