A very long exposure time

Chloé Galibert-Laîné

A very long exposure time, 2020

film, 7'

The YBAF proudly premieres, as part of The Time Complex, a new 7-minute desktop film by Chloé Galibert-Laîné. Entitled A Very Long Exposure Time ("Un très long temps d'exposition", is the original title), this new artwork is a poetic meditation on the notion of time collapsing different stories occurring across different geographies and historical periods into a single narrative. The flux of time is seen and interpreted by the artist through the lens of photography and the moving image. This new commission is a testimony to how the photographic or filmic apparatuses oftentimes record only segments, partial stories, of what can be considered as a time continuum. During the process of recording entire narratives are erased from the main picture. The work starts with the story of the oldest photograph depicting a human being, who only coincidentally features in the image whilst anybody else is vanished because of the very prolonged exposure necessary for capturing the scene. In the ten-minute-long period of the exposure, during which time one can imagine a plethora of people and actions having animated this otherwise deserted street, only one man is sitting still throughout the duration of the exposure, while a boy meticulously and lengthily polishes his shoes. This man, the only apparent survivor of time erosion, represents the starting point of a journey that is both personal and universal, unfolding unexpectedly over different accounts of time.

Courtesy of the Artist