Vivian & Gustavo Episode 1

Vivian Caccuri & Gustavo von Ha

Vivian & Gustavo Episode 1, 2020

Video, 11'12"

Commissioned by the Yerevan Biennial 2020-2021 and DYSTOPIE Sound Art Festival 2020, Vivian & Gustavo explores the Brazilian music genre setanejo, the local equivalent of country music, which has become widely popular in the country in recent years. In this video, the artist views sertanejo as an emotional, romantic, and nostalgic style of music, whilst at the same time also very connected with the alt-right segment of the Brazilian population and its alienating politics of power, signified by projects such as the country’s ongoing deforestation. The video is a mixture of found films combined with footage produced during the COVID-19 lockdown, where actors/participants play with the identity of Brazil’s countryside to scrutinize the history of this identity recognition.

Courtesy of the Artists

Commissioned by YBAF and DYSTOPIE sound art festival Berlin