Walid Siti

Walid Siti (b. 1954, Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan) lives and works in London, UK. Solo shows include Zilberman Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2017) and Edge of Arabia, London, UK (2014). His work has most recently been shown at the 21st Biennial of Art of Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, Bolivia (2020); and in group exhibitions at The Middle East Institute, Washington, USA (2019); Minnesota Museum of American Art, Saint Paul, USA (2019); and 13th Sharjah Biennale, Sharjah, UAE (2017).

Starting from the cultural heritage of his native land and its architectural elements, Siti proceeds through a formal construction and deconstruction to create a visual metaphor for the rapid changes taking place in contemporary society. His work reflects on the relationship between collective and personal identity, investigating subjects such as tradition, heritage, borders, mobility and migration. Sculptures and works on paper stand at the core of his practice, although occasionally he uses other media, such as video and installation.



Works by this Artist