World of Awe, Chapter 1: Forever

Yael Kanarek

World of Awe, Chapter 1: Forever, 1999


Through a portal on 419 East 6th street in Manhattan, a traveller crosses into a parallel world called Sunset/Sunrise, in search for a lost treasure. Sunset/Sunrise is a desert. A world but perhaps not a planet. Possibly round or flat or both, or neither. Time is suspended at dawn or dusk. Death remains undefined. Treasure crumbs resemble candy sprinkles. Love letters are written but never sent. At times, a sun glides along the horizon. Time suspended. Gravity is optional. Water is optional. An algorithm replaces thirst.

The traveller’s diary and love letters are written on a laptop built from relics found in Silicon Canyon – the graveyard for all the hardware and software ever created.  

Word of Awe is a storyspace started in 1994, in New York City. It centres around The Traveler's Journal, written between 1994 and 2011. '80s and '90s digital and fantasy technology blur into the identity of the genderless traveller. The story first appeared in paintings and expanded into performance, sculpture, installation, prints, music and textworks. 


Courtesy of the Artist