World of Awe, Chapter 3: Object of Desire

Yael Kanarek

World of Awe, Chapter 3: Object of Desire, 2006

Netart (requires activating Flash in the browser)

Object of Desire departs from the first two chapters of World of Awe: A Traveler's Journal and refocuses attention from the language of computer icons to the internet as polyglot space. The traveller’s search for a lost treasure continues through spaces of language, primarily English, Hebrew and Arabic. With a wide lens on timeline, the narrative engages themes born in the ancient Mediterranean and Middle East and places. The work includes fifteen scenes.

Word of Awe is a storyspace started in 1994, in New York City. ‘80s and ‘90s digital and fantasy technology blur into the identity of the genderless traveller. The story first appeared in paintings and expanded into performance, sculpture, installation, prints, music and textworks.

Courtesy of the Artist